Rad Soap was founded in February of 2009 by Sue Kerber and her family. She began making soaps and body creams from her upstate NY home kitchen. The inspiration came from her search for a natural remedy to help alleviate the symptoms of her son’s eczema.

Then 15 years later, Sue began selling her first bar of soap at the Nyack, NY farmers market. Due to its success, she began to offer her hand-crafted creations closer to home at the Troy farmers market where she still sells today.

Rad Soap is a family owned & operated family business that has grown quite a bit since the early days. Its success is due in large part to a grass roots movement that resulted from showing up week after week at farmers markets and numerous events and festivals throughout the northeast. It is a genuine success story driven by a very loyal and passionate group of customers who have supported RAD from the very beginning. They refer to themselves as “RADSTERS” instead of customers, a term the RAD family holds very dear.

RAD’s mantra is “natural products with a purpose” developed for family first so the standard has always been to manufacture her family’s absolute best quality while delivering consumer value. Equally as important has been to have fun along the way. Creating a brand like RAD that is totally different, edgy, nostalgic – using American pop culture influences with modern scents not found in today’s body care products has been an absolute blast!

Being able to interact with customers from all walks of life week after week has been a big part of the RAD journey. You never know who you will meet! A couple of years ago, Sue launched a new product line (bar soaps and body creams) using botanical extractions made from wildly harvested Chaga mushroom after a conversation with an integrative nutrition health care practitioner. Google Chaga and discover the benefits of the “King of the Medicinal Mushroom” and why RAD’s chaga products are so popular. In December of 2011, a Team Leader from the Ridgewood, NJ Whole Foods Market happened to be shopping at the Troy’s farmers market and was stunned to see Chaga being used in body care products. Six months later, RAD Soap began selling its products in the Ridgewood store. Rad has expanded its partnership with Whole Foods Market and now sells in over 25 stores in the northeast region (New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York).

RAD is an award winning company – numerous blue ribbons over the past couple of years from prestigious regional events with over 600 entrants. RAD Soap has transitioned from a home based business into what it is today – an 8,000 square foot Willy Wonka inspired soap and body care factory. Are you a RADSTER?



  1. Diane · July 4, 2011

    Hey, Sue!

    Nice meeting you, your daughter and puppy this past Sat 7-2-11 at the Farmer’s Market in Colonie.
    I had never before heard of Rad Soap but the natural ingredients, homemade and nice scents were an allure as well as the promise of healing for psorasis.
    I cut the bar as you recommended and placed a piece at every location in the house with a faucet. The smell does fill the room!
    I have been pleased with my purchase of the Hoe Down bar and Extreme Toke.
    Continued success with the family and business!

    Diane Parower
    Latham, NY

  2. Korrin · September 14, 2011

    Hi Sue,

    My name is Korrin, we met at the HVCC craft fair.
    I have to say I LOVE your product. I purchased the Chaga mushroom cream and the Toke soap.
    I had never heard of the chaga mushroom, thanks to you I looked it up and learned alot.
    Please don’t ever stop what you are doing!!! The testimonial on the home page states that you are a rightous chick with great karma, I agree 100%.

    Thank You,

    • suekerber · September 14, 2011

      Hi Korrin
      I remember you…WE will never stop and people like you keep us so motivated. The Chaga is the bomb and keep coming back we have some really great product I know you’ll love for the fall/winter.

      Have a RAD Day

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