If you’re “Hempy” and you know it clap your hands!

After many years of listening to our customers desire for a liquid soap, and many long hours in our RAD Lab, we have had the Eureka moment. This is a RAD breakthrough product that will open the door to body washes this year, and shampoo hair products soon to follow. As many people are aware, commercial liquid soap can be full of harsh chemicals that strip moisture from your skin leaving behind an often-toxic residue. The same goes for cleaning products you use in your home. Although they may smell great, there are hidden dangers lurking within. In the tradition of RAD Soap, we like to put our own twist on the ordinary.

RAD's Hempstile Liquid Soap

RAD’s Hempstile Liquid Soap

Respecting the properties of the legendary Castile Soap, RAD brings you Hempstile, a biodegradable, all-purpose liquid soap, the first of its kind! RAD Soap adds to the customary blend of Olive Oil a dominant dose of Virgin Hempseed Oil, making this a new category in body care. Hempstile liquid soap is great for sensitive and dry problem skin. This gentle concoction cleans and conditions your skin without stripping away your natural oils, while offering a multi-use product for your home too. We are huge advocates of the Hemp movement, and wanted to create an amazing hemp liquid soap because we value what we do.  Because Hemp seed oil is a plant-based source of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), it gives products that contain hemp, unique anti-inflammatory properties not found in other oils. This, added to its antioxidant properties, allows hemp oil to detoxify and clean your skin, as well as help even out skin tone. Are you ready for the rest of the news? Hempstile’s other uses; great for the face, hair, shaving, brushing your teeth (Primarily Peppermint), a nice foot bath, doing your dishes, laundry, and all-purpose cleaning, like your windows, bathrooms, or as a fruit and veggie rinse.

65% Virgin Hemp

65% Virgin Hemp

You can even use it to groom your beloved dog! RAD’s Hempstile will initially come in 3 carefully chosen scent versions, plus and an unscented version. Lemon Diesel: Grapefruit, Lemongrass & Orange Maui Waui: Kelp & Cucumber Peppermint Ice: Peppermint Harlequin: Unscented Benefits of Virgin Hemp Oil and Olive Oil:

  • Is Hypoallergenic
  • Healing
  • Contains Vitamin A and E
  • Vegetable based Omega 3-6-9
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Contains GLA (gamma linolenic acid)
  • Highly Moisturizing

We are unaware of any product being sold today with the same composition of raw hemp seed oil, and any liquid soap with the strength and gentleness of this hand crafted product. We have been using it in all our homes for months and believe it has reached the standard you would expect from us…hope you love it as much as us!  We do it all with our valued RADsters in mind!


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