RAD Passes the Amazon River Test!

We have some very adventurous and giving RADsters and we wanted to share this story with you all. Our longest employed RADster is Tony who has been with us from the very beginning of RAD. Tony would have us send products to his mom for the holidays and she and his family have become part of our family. In August Carmen came to visit the RAD Soap Factory and we were excited to see her. As we toured the factory she explained that she was doing a missionary trip down the Amazon and needed some bug spray. While the Hoe Down bug spray is great we needed to bring in the Dirty Dog with its added Neem Oil for a little more POW! Here is a short story in her own words on her trip and just know we love you Carmen and that big fearless and courageous heart of yours:


I want to share my amazing boat medical mission on the Amazon River in Brazil. Along with a doctor and a dentist, there were nine volunteers on this mission. My job was to administer “worm” pills and clothing to the villagers along the river from Manus to Borroso to NaSanhara.

Once at low tide we got stuck on a mud flat! After some maneuvering and two crew in the water, fixing the problem, we finally got to go on. By the end of the trip, the doctors had treated 980 patients.

NaSanhara Brazil

NaSanhara Brazil

Rio Negro Meets the Amazon

Rio Negro Meets the Amazon

I used Dirty Dog bug spray (because it has Neem Tree oil) and it worked wonderfully! I shared with the others and left some for the boat crew. I’m coming home with no bites at all! There were many fleas during the day brought in by some patients, and it worked great at night against all the mosquitoes! Thank you RAD!

Orange City, FL



  1. Margaret Kolb · February 16, 2015

    I bought the Latte Body Cream at a local fair and now I would like to buy again but you have no purchase ability on this website listed on the cream.
    would be nice if you guys could add buying options on here!!!

    • suekerber · September 10, 2015

      Hi there Margaret!
      You can purchase it at Radsoap.com. The label and name have changed to “The Green One” Body Cream. Same scent and effects, just a new look!

      Thanks so much,
      The RAD Team

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