Zoku Because it’s All in the Family!

There used to be two Kingdoms – animal & plants. RAD continues to expand its product line using the ever-promising family of Kingdom #5, known as the mushroom.   We call the newest addition to the RAD family Zoku, a Sino-Japanese term meaning tribe, clan, or family.

Mushroom Cave Man or GDF Member?

Mushroom Cave Man or GDF Member?


 This product is the creation of our son Zak.  We introduced it earlier this year at the Herkimer Community College Holiday Event.  It won RAD Soap its second Blue Ribbon honor among 200 plus entries.  Last year, the Blue Ribbon was awarded to RAD’s Chaga body cream.

Zoku Body Cream & Soap

Zoku Body Cream & Soap


 Because it always about the epidermis we look for the skin wow factor and as company practice we always talk to our suppliers to find out what is new and cutting edge so we can bring it to our most cherished RADsters. Earlier this summer in walks in one of our cherished mushroom harvesters with a haul of goodies and a discussion among friends led to the Birch Polypore.   Like Chaga, it too grows on Birch, living or dead so making a new product using the Birch Polypore was a perfect addition to the RAD family.

Birch Polypore it Gets under Your Skin!

Birch Polypore it Gets under Your Skin!



 Birch Polypore’s main claim to fame is that it was found among the possessions of Oetzi, the mummified Stone Age man from 5,300 years ago whose remains were found in 1991 in a glacial ice cave on the border of Italy and Austria. The general consensus is that Oetzi the Iceman used the Birch Polypore against an infection of the intestinal parasite Trichuris trichuria, of which eggs were found among his remains.

But what intrigued us most about this new mushroom was the presence of a compound called Betulinic Acid.  The mushroom extracts and concentrates it making the Birch Polypore a great product for body care.  Betulinic acid causes advantageous apoptosis or programmed cell death. A melanoma study conducted in 1995 showed that Betulinic Acid was toxic to malignant melanoma cells without affecting healthy cells.  Two other studies from 1997 found that certain compounds extracted from Birch Polypore were anti-inflammatory and specifically helped reduce skin inflammation.

Zoku has both raw & unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter which have many nutritive benefits for your skin. The carrier oils we use with our other mushroom products include Virgin hemp and Zoku is no exception but this time we added something new to our arsenal of skin moisturizers – apricot oil.  It absorbs easily into the skin and will Apricot oil is often used in commercial face lotions because of its anti-aging properties. In addition, it’s proven to reduce bumps and red marks on the skin and can be used to treat sunburn, razor burn, eczema and psoriasis. 


 The newest RAD scent is a complex blend of Botanical scents & Essential Oils of Razor Strope & vanilla, clove, lavender and orange blossom. It’s quickly becoming a favorite at the farmers markets and festivals.


 Zoku comes in a Luxurious Body Cream with two big RAD Bars of Soap. One is a body bar and the other is an exfoliating bar made with Israeli Dead Sea Salts.  All Zoku products are available for sale on our website.




 Note: The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a licensed medical practitioner before using any herb (or mushroom) for medicinal purposes.








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