RAD’s 5th Kingdom it’s a Wonderland

Attention RADsters: This is an apology and a product information update.


If you’re a RADster, you know that we have been selling mushroom teas for 3 years. During that time we have learned a whole lot about our fungi friends. Despite the overwhelmingly positive response we received to the products, we waited to expand the line for a number of reasons. We are dedicated to releasing only the best products and it took time for us to better understand the complicated kingdom of the fungi. The good news is, these delays have now been resolved.  

Giant Chaga

Giant Chaga


During the few years since the initial release of the RAD mushroom products, we have been researching and experimenting with the mushroom. We discovered that there were better ways to prepare the teas. Not only that, but the process for making a digestible tea from a spored mushrooms is entirely different from that of a gilled mushroom. So as we labored over the Chaga with chisels and ninja blenders, we realized through our exhaustion the need to revamp our process. We found a German company that helped us build what we now call RAD’s Mushroom Muncher. After a year of planning, the machine arrived here just 7 weeks ago and life at the RAD Soap Co. has improved drastically. Better yet, our mushroom products are better than ever.

Secret Mushroom Muncher

Secret Mushroom Muncher


We worked with the engineers to create blades that would address the different consistencies of the mushroom textures. Then we created cutting systems for those surfaces, enabling a perfect grind that will allow maximum exposure of the surfaces to the distilled waters. After the Mushroom Muncher arrived we tested the teas that were made the old fashion way against the teas made with our new method and the Wonka Ultra Secret Gobstoper Machine (patent pending). The results were more than impressive. We successfully developed a method for creating a new level of quality in the mushroom body product line. These products are now being delivered to our online and market customers. Any products purchased from our mushroom lines as of October 25, 2013 will be unmatched by any other product in the industry.


Delays in the delivery of our Mushroom Teas and infrequent availability of the products are now over (cue cheering!). A big shout out to our local foragers who stepped up the harvesting and supply to enable us to consistently distribute to our loyal customers.

A New Look

A New Look

As a thank you for your loyalty and patience, and due to our new method of production, we are happy to announce that the mushroom teas are now being offered at a more affordable price. With an updated look and informative label, it would be a crime to miss the rerelease of the mushroom teas! Find them at RADsoap.com!



  1. Debbie Dunham · November 2, 2013

    Thank you for all your hard work researching and making your mushroom teas and products. I will be sure to try them – Chaga soaps and creams have been my favorites for years.
    Debbie Dunham

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