RADsters Get the Whole Picture!

RAD Soap moving into Whole Foods. We are very excited about the news that we will be selling RAD Soap in Whole Foods Ridgewood New Jersey next month.


They found us at the Troy Farmers Market on December 1st 2012 when a Whole Foods Team Member was visiting her brother and they decided to do some shopping at Upstate New York’s most famous farmers market.

We are excited and want to Thank all of those people who were talking up RAD Soap not knowing they were talking to a Whole Foods decision maker at the soap table that cold day on December 1st.  As well the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market is truly a incubator of economic growth for farms and small businesses in upstate New York.  RAD will always be in the Troy Market no matter what…PROMISE!

We were contacted on December 3rd which is my birthday to start the application process and a day I will always remember. Also you know we could not do something hohum so Whole Foods has allowed us to create our own retail display. It will be our own design called RAD Factory Punk. We will have a complete story on it and will be the new look for RAD. So onward we go and THANKS RADsters for your support you are the best customers in the world and our success is your success.



  1. Carmen church · August 14, 2013

    Bought extreme toke hemp body butter religiously at regional mkt Syracuse. Love this product. How can we order it?

    • suekerber · September 10, 2015

      If you haven’t already (sorry for the delay) you can order it at Radsoap.com!


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