A RAD Love Story!!!

We can’t resist a Great Love Story!  So when one of our beloved RADster’s sent over her love letter, it so deserved a world wide RAD Post. So here it is and Thanks So Much April we have Mad RAD Love for you and your family!



I recently discovered “Rad Soap ” at a local craft fair in Troy. I was sooooooooooooooooo excited to have finally found a homemade soap that I LOVE. Did I say LOVE, Yes, I LOVE it.


I am a little bit ashamed to say that I hide my Rad soap from the rest of my family. I do not want anyone else using it so I hoard it for myself ! My children know it is in the bathroom somewhere because they can smell it but they can not find it,lol This is the one thing in my life I have not and will not share with my children or husband….

I am also now addicted to the Harmony cream. It smells AMAZING ! I get complimented where ever I go.


Thank you Rad Soap for making such a WONDERFUL product. I will never use another soap.



-Albany NY


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