Lula-by and Good Night

I Haven’t Slept in Day’s

I was lying in bed and could NOT get to sleep! Why you ask? Because we have never blogged about our Evening Calm and what’s worse? It was never added to the Online Store! So, here it is! I must say, it is in the top 5 body creams in its popularity and it is something I use EVERY night before bed.  As always, we did not want to do a ho-hum lavender body cream, as lavender is the spa standard in the business.

Super Lavender

So we thought some added accents would set us apart from the herds of Lavender creams and bring added value to our customers. We started with the actual lavender and chamomile flowers and put them through our proprietary extraction method that is inherent with our Chaga and Latte Creams. This built the foundation of the cream. Next was the butters and oils. We always start with African Shea but decided to add Avocado Butter with its Vitamins A, B, G and E that make it a wonderful moisturizing treatment for dry and damaged skin. Also included is Safflower seed and Almond Oil, which is heavily used in massage therapy for its ability to absorb quickly and carry the creams nutrients to the skin.

Chamomile Love the Smell

Just when I thought we would be done, I was taking my morning dose of supplements and there it was in all its glory – Melatonin.  Melatonin keeps our sleep cycle in tune as it communicates with the body’s cells. Not only does it work to maintain cell health, it appears to regulate a system of self-repair and regeneration. For extra absorption – I recommend to all of my customers to put this cream on the bottom of their feet for the ultimate RAD experience!

RAD's Evening Calm!

And, there you have it! We have created the lavender cream that is unique and of course, RAD!

Click Here for More Info!



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