No Blood Suckers!

There is no doubt that 2011 will go down as the year of the mosquito. To add to problems there has been recent articles on the spread of the Tiger & Rock Pool species who tend to locate in urban areas due to the 5 to 10 degrees in higher temperatures in cities. Regardless of who or what we call these little blood suckers they can really ruin a drive-in movie, cook out, or just a great time with friends.

Blood Sucker?


The Hoe Down  Natural Bug Spray was an extension of our Puppy Love Dog Soap. While we were researching the essential oils that repelled these horrid little parasites we discovered garlic as a strong and effective repellent.

It would seem that the powerful compounds such as allicin which garlic releases are inimical to mosquito’s black flies and ticks. They have therefore evolved to avoid garlic. Another possibility is that the strong smell of garlic overwhelms their sense of smell and prevents them from finding their prey (you & me).


The challenge in this product would be that no one was going to want to smell like a clove of garlic but that would be resolved much easier than we thought. As we continued to research we would discover that many of the essential oils we used in our other products were great repellents. We had notices over the last couple of years that the use of our SCORE body cream would keep the little vermin away while we would be hanging around outdoors. This was a lemongrass scent which works as effectively as citronella but smells much better. Lemongrass tend to be more expensive but our goal was to make it smell great also. As we looked deeper into the use of pure essential we began to realize that peppermint, spearmint, cedar and sage were also added benefits to our plight. As we began to blend the potions and lotions we were able to cloak the garlic smell with our process  a very pleasant and appealing scent.   We wanted a scent you would use as a body spray with the added benefit of a spray that said you “Bug Off”.

Hoe Down Natural Bug Spray


So after gallons of mistakes and less than favorable results we came up with the perfect product that passed the RAD Soap approval as well as what you would expect from us. The result RAD’s Hoe Down Natural Bug Spray don’t leave home without it!



  1. Amanda · June 19, 2012

    This stuff is amazing! No Chemicals, Smells wonderful and IT REALLY WORKS!! I would recommend to anyone.

    • suekerber · June 19, 2012

      Thanks we put a lot of work into that bottle and love to hear it pays off. Have a great summer and stay bug free!

    • suekerber · September 10, 2015

      Thank you for your support Amanda!

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