Get More from RAD with a Helpful Hint!

TOKE Body Bar

Oh boy with things costing more and more it’s really making it hard on families out there. So here at RAD Soap we are committed to keeping our price right where they are. So all those RAD families can keep that good health and great skin. No price increases for our customers, we make a little less but you still get that great quality that you’ve come to expect.  So here is a little secret on how to get the most out of those big bars of RAD Soap:

  • We always say take your bar and cut them in half. Use a knife, butter or steak. Take one to the shower and the other in the sock drawer or leave it on a shelf in the bathroom. RAD Soap’s great scents will fill up that bathroom when you start the shower or just hanging out on a shelf.

    Plastic Soap Dish

  • Always keep the bars out of the water and in or on a soap dish. You don’t need an expensive one in fact they usually don’t work well.
  • Use a wash cloth or Bath poufs. Wet the wash cloth or pouf Take the bar give it 5 to 6 rubs on the wash cloth or pouf. Wet skin and lather up. Rinse well after use and avoid contact with eyes.

    Bath Pouf

    Bath Pouf

Remember our soaps are a great skin conditioner richer in fats and emollients because of our process. No detergents or fillers just high levels of vegetable fats that are absorbed into your skin leaving you rejuvenated ,refreshed, clean and revived. As well using the soap in this way really penetrates those oils into your skin. You’ll thank us for this tip next time you see us. Don’t forget to finish off the whole experience with RAD’s luxurious  Body lotion or cream. You’ll look and feel RADtastic!


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