OUCH! is a power balm that may be used for healing of the skin. During our multiple processes at the soap factory, we are always getting a burn or two and then having to go do a trade show or farmers market with the cuts, scrapes and burns of our success.


So, we decided to try a balm to enhance the healing process! Through a holistic healer, we were introduced to the honey and oils mentioned below:

Kokum Butter is rich in essential fatty acids, which aid in cell oxygenation and make nutrients more readily available for use by skin tissues. Kokum Butter also contains antioxidant vitamin E. Kokum Butter helps regenerate tired and worn skin cells and supports skin elasticity and general flexibility of the skin wall. It has been used traditionally in India to soften skin and restore elasticity.

Manuka Honey has a drying effect that helps treating acne. It helps the rapid and continual growth of the cells that causes scar-free skin and provides infection-free skin.

Manuka Honey

It also helps to draw out the infection through its insecticidal properties.  Just by applying the oil on the infected area, a person can get his or her infectious area healed quickly. Any pain caused by a sting or insect bite can be removed by the use of this oil. It is very effective to treat all the wounds, burns, blisters and infections!

Andiroba Carrier Oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, the oil can be used to promote circulation of blood in the skin and helps to relieve pain and swelling during an injury. It contains the component limonoid, which is said to have antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial and insecticidal properties. Andiroba Oil can be used in preparations to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and insect bites. It has wonderful moisturizing and rejuvenating properties!

Comfrey Extract leaf Oil contains allantoin, a cell proliferant that speeds up the natural replacement of body cells.

Comfrey Plant

Comfrey was used in an attempt to treat a wide variety of ailments ranging from bronchial problems, broken bones, sprains, arthritis, gastric and varicose ulcers, severe burns, acne and other skin conditions.

It has worked wonders for us AND the RAD Peeps who have used it! Give it a try and next time you say “ouch!” reach for OUCH!


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