I wanted to update the blog and let you all know there are many things going on at the RAD soap factory. We have launched a few new Body Bars this year with a few more to come. The first Marc & Cleo a luxurious creamy, lathery body bar your skin will adore. The scent is Egyptian Musk a sensual blend of a base note floral with a deep, dark, sensual romance of ancient times. Love It!

The next concoction we have was a result of listening to all of you and what you wanted for the men in your lives. YES we did it and created what I call the “Man Bar” or the real name simply No. 10.  This is such a great bar of soap. The challenge was not to create something to spicy yet not to girly. The scent is Bay Rum and Lime a citrusy yet mildly spicy overtone creates the perfect scent for everyone guy or gal. This bars to good to just be used by the guys. Ive been using it all month and I’m just so happy with it. It has a real mans-man label too.

We have many new products coming with more Extreme Creams, The Hoe Down Line and the long awaited RAD Hair products giving you a “RAD Hair Day”.  Keep tuned in and we promise much more blogging this year.


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