This was a recent testimonial from a RAD customer. I just wanted to share it with you all and thanks for the kind words Eileen.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Sue and being introduced to the Super Awesomeness that is the RAD Soap Company this past Sunday at the Goold’s Orchard Apple Festival. My fiance and I were puttering around one of the arts/crafts tents; actually, we had just finished scarfing up samples at one of the “Buy Our Tasty Dip” stands… when we came upon The RAD booth. Having recently gotten engaged, I am all about making sure that the new sparkly thing on my left hand is properly showcased by presentable hands. This was not the case on Sunday. In a total coincidence, right before we reached the RAD booth, I remarked to my fiance, “I hope they have a lotion-type booth in here, because my hands look like the Crypt Keeper’s”. Seriously… think dry, think scaly, think decrepit.

As luck would have it, we rounded the corner and were greeted by all manner of soaps and lotions. I started sampling, and shoving various containers underneath my beloved’s nose to see what scents he liked best. The winner was “Love,” which was filled with Cherry Almond yumminess. I slathered some on my crone hands, waffled a bit as to whether to buy now or wait. There was a cheese stand right next to RAD’s booth, and I needed a Camembert fix in the biggest way. So we said we’d likely pop back, walked on, chowed on some seriously good cheese, and then decided, hey, we’re thirsty, let’s grab some cider.

When we were en route to cider, my fiance went to grab my hand, and then exclaimed “Wow!” — my heretofore crackly little hands were now soft and springy. Even I had to look twice. None of my Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret lotions ever worked this well, that was for darn sure. In short, I gathered up what was left of my funds for the day (including change…lots of change), and marched back into the tent to purchase a container of “Love,” which I have been applying with almost OCD-like devotion ever since. Hooray!

Sue is a righteous chick, and the karma gods should smile benevolently upon her and her family’s fun company — I will continue to purchase these wonderful products, and hope that RAD enjoys oodles of much-deserved success.

I and my new non-crinkly hands thank you once more 🙂 ”
– Eileen Engel



  1. lisa mcmurray · December 27, 2010

    i talked to you at the glastonbury ct fair i have autoimmune psorias and you know what everything itried never worked even the light therapy but youre soap and lotion did i love it and its the best ive ever used ordering more i use the extreme toke listen people itworks thanks lisa

    • suekerber · December 27, 2010

      Hey Lisa its so good to hear from you. I am so glad everything is working for you. Have a great New Year and check the site we will be doing a couple of events in CT this year and would love to see you.

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