You know we love patchouli and Dirty Dame has been in the works for a year. We wanted to convey a great first impression with  scents built to last.  We have a big Patchouli community and it is a great base note for any blended scent.  In fact most people who do not like Patchouli love are Patchouli blends. It is a great enhancement to new and cutting edge scents.

Dirty Dame Red

So what’s in a first impression…everything! We wanted glamor, fun, nostalgia, naughty and the quality and scent you expect in RAD Soap products.

We love the 1950’s and the pin ups that was the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition of its time.

Dirty Dame Pink

Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Bettie Page to name a few of the classics and a happy, optimistic time in our history was the feel of the product. We want all our products to bring great memories to our customer when you look at them and obviously when you wear them. So the line offers Dirty Dame Black a straight Patchouli scent and Dirty Dame Red a blend of Patchouli, citrus and cinnamon. The Body Bars are the hot pressed soaps blended with olive oil and virgin hemp seed oil for maximum skin conditioning. Dirty Dame is a Shea Butter based lotion with olive oil, Grape Seed oil and of course Virgin Hemp Seed Oil. A luxurious body lotion with sexy classic scents that delivers on the expectations and request of our customers.  You will find Dirty Dame October 1st at all our locations.


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