Don’t Drink The Coffee Shower With It!!!

Need a pick me up to get you started when those Monday morning doldrums kick in? RAD Soap has the answer for you with the first of 3 coffee soaps in the YO JO line to be launched this month.

The first is RAD’s Espresso a dark luxurious body bar with overtones of chocolate and sweet orange and the hint of Italian Espresso.  This big bar has more than looks going for it with a year in the making this is a powerful skin care product. You should know coffee has many important contributions to make to our skin care and health. No one thinks of coffee and skin care products but here are some things to think about:

  1. No more cellulite. RAD’s Espresso is an exfoliate soap wonderful for many reasons the caffeine it contains provides the added health benefits. When coffee is applied to the surface of your skin especially as a scrub, it helps redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of cellulite. THAT’S COOL
  2. Problems with varicose veins. Many people accept varicose veins as a necessary evil–either as a sign of getting older or a genetic inheritance from our parents. Now with a YO JO Body Bar, you may be able to get a little help in the prevention of varicose veins! The caffeine in our YO JO Body Bars act as a vascular restrictor–shrinking blood vessels, and reducing those varicose veins.
  3. RAD’s YO JO was developed to give you a caffeine jump start within 45 seconds of absorption. Every shower with RAD’s YO JO line is equivalent to two cups of coffee. Along with getting yourself clean in the shower, you can wake up and get the day off to a real jump start. ( Don’t use before Bed Time)
  4. YO JO Espresso has many uses as a beauty ingredient and many wonderful properties. The coffee bean actually contains magnesium and vitamin E. It acts as an antioxidant and it has antibacterial, exfoliating and stimulating properties.

A recent study reported by CBS News also proclaims the benefits:

“A study suggests that a skin lotion spiked with caffeine or with another compound found in green tea can reduce by more than half the number of cancer tumors on the skin of hairless mice exposed to brutal levels of ultraviolet radiation”, said Dr. Allan Conney, a professor of cancer and leukemia research at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.

We will be introducing two more coffee soaps this month so give them a try and get a head start on your day.


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