NEW Blog…New Look…New Stuff

Hello…we are starting a brand new blog with a new look, new design and a new direction. Our customers are very interested in the details of our products and how they work so we will answer all questions on how and what they are made of. More information on new products in the pipe line and what you can expect to see for 2010. We will start with explaining whats in our Extreme Creams and what they are for. When I started the company in 2008 it was important to me to create products that smelled great, had minimal packaging, lasted, and most importantly worked.  I originally used all these products on my family and still do so you can bet they are tested and safe.  There are so many products out there that promise much and deliver little. We use some certified organic materials but we are not 100% organic.  Many companies throw organic on their labels and its true to a point but reading on you’ll see there are many chemicals in the ingredients.  We do not invest large sums of money in marketing and packaging. Instead we invest in the best ingredients to create the best products and deliver it to our customers at a fair and affordable price.



  1. Donna Liberti · May 15, 2013

    Destiny does exist! I found the lovely makers and family of RADSOAP. I think it was serendipity. I want one of each product… will too. I would back their products up 100%. Each product is a work of art and made with love and dedication. Another plus for me is that each label says USA and all natuaral ingredients. Oh, can’t forget the product’s edge and creatvitiy.

    • suekerber · September 10, 2015

      Thank you x a million Donna! You kind words and support are much appreciated!

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